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Thieves Guild challenge?

On the challenge for jumping from a horse to a beam, is there some trick to that or is my challenge just glitched? I've done that at least 20 times, but it still says just 1/20. I've noticed other people having issues with challenges, so I think that's the case here, but I just want to be thorough. Thanks.

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Nope, I've been doing that, still not taking effect.

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I figured it out. The problem was that I wasn't actually doing the jump myself. If you just press Right trigger and A the one time to get him to stand in the saddle, and hold A down, then he'll just automatically jump at the first beam/ledge/whatever you come across. While this is useful, ironically it is also useless, since whenever you do that it doesn't register towards the required 20. Instead, you have to hold the Right trigger and press A (don't hold it) and then press A again as you approach the beam... In case anyone else was wondering.

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BIGGEST_KING answered:

ok i had a problem with this one too HoshunMk112 is right you have to flip around the beam and an other thing is you have to change beams don't keep on using the same one cuz its a waist of time you have to jump on to the beam go back on your horse and find an other beam or else it won't work
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HoshunMk112 answered:

You have to do it in such a manner that Ezio flips around the beam and lands on his feet. Simply jumping off the horse and grabbing onto the pole, ending up hanging from it, does not count.
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