Question from qwazerp

How do you climb the Castello?

I am at the window where you spy on Ceasre and his sister.

qwazerp provided additional details:

I did and I tried to climb it didn't work


HoshunMk112 answered:

Look above you.
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Xertrikeoth answered:

While facing the window, look to your right and there should be a few poles that you can swing down and find something to grab onto I believe. Whatever it might be, you'll eventually reach a dead end by climbing/swinging, and youll have to drop down and qucikly grap the ledges below you (by holding B). From there it is pretty strait forward.
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werewing answered:

You may need an upgrade from leonardo, or you're not pressing the right button/face the right direction. The series has been known to get picky from time to time.
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