Question from JikaB

I'm stuk after the Cristina mission, Help?

I just did the second Cristina mission and i am stuck in florense as a weak and young Ezio.
Normaly i'm supposed to load to rome but that doesnt happen here
Does anybody have a solution or any idea what to do?


Monkephant answered:

You could always just reload the game. I don't think there are any save points during that mission. So replaying it might solve it. If it did save while in that memory however, try leaving the animus then going back in, that has solved a couple of my issues with the game so far.
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JikaB answered:

No that doesn't work, cause it saved right after i was done with the mission and also i can't leave the animus for reasons you'll find out soon enough
and replaying the mission sends me automatically back to firenze
so yeah neither of those work >.<
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