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How do i get my recruits to perform a "distraction"?

I believe somewhere in the middle of the assassination missions, one requires that you use your assassin recruits to hep aide in a distraction. I've done the mission a few times by having my assassins attack a passing guard patrol, causing the guards that are protecting the target to run and help, i then slip in behind them to kill my target, but that doesn't satisfy the requirement. Does anyone know what i need to do to satisfy the requirement

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The name of the mission is "The Merchant of Rome" and should be the 7th assassination mission. for full synch it reads: "Use the Assassin Recruits to assist in a diversion"

I haven't tried to use the recruits to kill the actual target but other missions have required that and it would directly state something like "Have your recruits kill the target" for full synch so I'm guessing that not the answer

This is the only assassination mission i haven't fully synched yet

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Ejhockeyfan answered:

ok so i just tried it one more time to test the recruits killing the target method. turns out i wasn't even allowed to do have them kill the target. i had the target highlighted but the wouldn't come when i pressed lb nor did the hit lb to call assassins text appear below my assassin bars like usual. So i decided to try the killing the guards method one more time. i had two groups kill the guards by both entrances only instead of going in past them and killing the target i waited a little bit and the target eventually came running out into the streets where i chased him down quickly and killed him. that gave me fully synch so i guess thats all i had to do.
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rincewind1990 answered:

It would help if you tell us what mission you are talking about but i'll try and suggest something

have you tried sending your recruits to attack the target?
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