Question from reiio

Can someone help with my health glitch?

My first 5 health bars are not going down when i get damaged. it realy irritates me when i have to redo missions. but im still not invinsible. try understand idk how to put a pic on, thank you


xioncrush answered:

Need a bit more information than that man. First five as in the first five you lose or the first five you get? Also, is it one mission or overall? And why do you have to re-do the missions? If you are losing health and failing the missions then you need to stop getting hit... your messed up health isn't gonna fix a lack of gameplay experience.
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gamer654321 answered:

I'm not sure with this, but maybe you're accidentally hitting your medicine button a lot which keeps it from going down. I don't know that's just a guess.
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jackoboy9 answered:

I have this too, I cannot seem to find a fix. Sometimes, there are more than 5 random health square at the end.

Here's some screenshots: &
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