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Stuck in the Cloaca Maxima... What to do?

Hi, today after finished the mission for the last key while the game was loading rome i would to change ezio's uniform, the game asked me if i was sure to do that, then i pressed X, after the loading screen i was at the beginning of the cloaca but when i went on i saw that the way was closed... now i can't go back neither forward... i finished the game and don't want to restart it again... what can i do?
[sorry for my english ^^]

TwistedAscent asked for clarification:

I stuck myself in the same place in a different way.. I finished the mission with 50% synchronization, so I immediately restarted before loading back into Rome. When I finished the mission with 100%, it dropped me at the beginning of the stage - with the gate that I'm sure is all too familiar to you standing between myself and escape. Filed a ticket with Ubisoft, they blew it off saying I was asking a strategy-related question.. sold the game and maybe I'll finish it in a year or so :/


xioncrush answered:

It sounds like you glitched yourself out of the game my man. Sorry to say. THough I didn't know that you could change mid load...
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