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Were and what are guard posts?

One of the courtasion guild challenges it requires you to kill 20 guards stationed at guard posts with the crossbow. What are guard posts and what do they look like?


rincewind1990 answered:

They are the ones that stand still and dont move. if you approach them they will push you away and not let the get past you.

there are several places to find them but the best/ most reliable places are the wooden forts around about where the mercs guild headquarters is. (in one of the missions you have to go to them and get the french uniforms) there is always at least 2 standing guard and the one to the southwest of the Merc headquarters is a good place to farm as there is a group of courtesans right out side it which you can use for cover

just kill the 2 by the gate and walk off and come back a minute later and they'd have respawned.
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Phant0m_N3xus answered:

The most helpful sequence here is u repeat the sequence french kiss and kill guards that are on guard post
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