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Tiber Island Promotion beyond 1st cinematic?

Okay, so I've promoted 4 Assassins to lvl 10. But now I have 4 more lvl 9's to promote -- How do I do this?? I have searched my hideout all over and find nothing to trigger there promotions...

teameffigy provided additional details:

Yes, I've tried everything -- traveled the tunnels, entered through the front door, entered through the rooftop. Does it just auto-trigger?? I've got 5 -maxed out- lvl 9 assassins ready and am able to walk around my hideout looking for a promotion area or trigger -- so, it's just done at the door?? Hmmmm....

teameffigy provided additional details:

It totally was me - all along... My assassins were back from missions -- but I hadn't cleared them out at the pigeon coop ~ DUH!!

Accepted Answer

lilORANG answered:

Do you travel to your hideout through the tunnels? The Assassin ritual cinematic will not start if you use the tunnels. You have to enter the hideout through the front door. If you do use the front door and it still doesn't work then it is most likely a glitch.
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