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Asked: 4 years ago

Assassin's creed brotherhood Vaticano treasure map.?

I cant buy the Vaticano treasure map i know i have to do the Shop Quest which i did but its still not unlocked. How Come? plzz help its the last set on treasure i have to get..

Additional details - 4 years ago

Do i have to reload a sequence to get the treasures out of the Vaticano area

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Once you do the shop quest you should not need to buy the map; it is automatically added to your inventory. If you've unlocked it then it should be showing treasures int he top left of the map view. If they are not there and you cannot do the shop quest it sounds like it might be a glitch to me. You may want to contact Ubisoft for support.

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Nope, once you get near the end of the story and after you complete the story you can go and acquire those treasures.

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I completed the shop quest in sequence 6 and did not have to buy the map. All I did was go into the shop quests and choose accept. I then checked the map and all 9 treasures were there.

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