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Asked: 4 years ago

How do u activate the cheat codes ?

How do you activate the cheat codes in the completed memory sequence and all that .

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Complete all sequences with 100% sych

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When you load a previously completed sequence, go into Options, Cheats, and select the cheat you wish to activate.

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Once you get 100% sync in any sequence besides 9, you get cheats which you can access by going to DNA in the pause menu and selecting any memory that you want. From here, go to the pause menu and go to OPTIONS, then go to CHEATS, and pick the cheat you want. =)

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Hello! You need to get 100% sync for certain memories, and you will unlock the cheats. The cheats include:
Unicorn Cheat which gives your horse a horn on the head (Like a unicorn has)
and if you sign up for Uplay, You will be able to get the AltaIr armor, sword and also the brute Armor

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