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Asked: 4 years ago

Where are the other the Followers Of Romulus Lairs at?

I found the first three Lairs. But afterwards, i couldn't find the other three lairs. The only thing that involves with this is The Golden Lair. I need help, thanks in advance

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Advance the game's story. They'll pop up - two sometime around Sequence 5, and the last in Sequence 8.

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At least one (possibly two) of the lairs require you complete certain rennovations in the countryside districts. Be sure to rennovate as many properties as you can (especially acqueducts, and don't forget faction buildings).

The final lair opens up near the end of the game (Sequence 8). I didn't notice it on the map until after I'd completed the main story, but you may be able to get to it slightly before then.

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