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Multiplayer Agony bonus?

I've never gotten an agony bonus in multiplayer, but I keep seeing it given to others. Nothing in the game mentions it, so I was curious what it was. Anyone know?

Diolki800 provided additional details:

I already checked there. I can't find anything about this bonus.

Diolki800 provided additional details:

I've checked the multiplayer menu. I can't see it anywhere. Could you be more specific? Where is it exactly, what kind of bonus is it? I still can't find it.

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Tairneanach answered:

I don't own the game yet, but I read that the slow-acting poison gives extra points. Might be the agony bonus.
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161366 answered:

Check the multiplayer menu, it has a list of bonuses available.
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ninshua answered:

I'm pretty sure you get it when you poison a target THEN kill them with X or a hidden gun.
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