Question from mattanderson776

Where did the Brutus Armor go?

I had all the keys, but didn't decide to get the armor. When I wanted to get the armor I was in a mission that I couldn't exit out of (one of the last few). I went and got the armor then I went to where the next part of the sequence was, but the person that should have been there wasn't, so I had to restart the sequence. When I restarted it, my armor was gone, and so was the icon where the armor was kept. After I beat the game I went to the room with all my collected armor, and there was nothing there. I eventually found the area where the armor was first kept, but I saw through the gate that there was nothing there. Is there anything that anyone thinks that I can do?

mattanderson776 provided additional details:

I checked that, but there was only the armor I bought, and the middle statue was empty.

Ginger420 asked for clarification:

The same thing happened to me did u get it back after


thedoorman2009 answered:

Check in the assassins hideout in the armor room.
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MiRSol111 answered:

thedoorman2009 is right. If it's not there try going to the DNA in your pause menu and replaying one or all of the keyscroll missions. Most likely its a glitch and your jacked.
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poly456 answered:

Me, too. I wish someone can tell what happened to my armor. I was in a mission when I obtained it.
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