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lower Centro district?

So i just hit 100 percent rome completion and i was kinda excited, but nothing REALLY changed. I was okay with it until i saw this other part of rome. It was that place right across from Ezio's Tiber island hideout. Whenever i go to that little area, the music gets all sad, the people are poor, and the houses are all rundown and crappy. I did all of the borgia towers, have all feathers and flags, and i am 100 percent sinc. Is this a glitch? if so, how can i fix it?

Wolfmeister101 provided additional details:

near the area where you assassinate the banker. NEAR.

Wolfmeister101 provided additional details:

I guess. i just hate that it is right across from your hideout.

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u2rocksbaby answered:

No, your game isn't glitched. That's just the poor district, as the game designers intended it to be. Every Rennaisance-era city had one.
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