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Combat glithces ?

Hey guys i sometimes cant use the dual execution when replaying a mission even though i did it right, and when playing the virtual training i dont find any trouble to execute the dual wielding execution. Anyone why this happened? help me guys please...

sgcnadesf891 asked for clarification:

Duel Execution??You mean like the double hidden blade? First things first if you are talking about the double blade you need to buy it from leonardo at one of his benches with the the "L" symbol. If thats not what you mean and it really is a glitch then I suggest getting a new copy or just not striving for double executions. I hope that helped ^_^

smokin_joe1985 provided additional details:

@sgcnadesf891 Oh i mean the dual executions with sword and hidden gun, but thanks anyway man, i too thinks its a glitches. @metallica1fan so thats why when i try to use the parachutes its suddenly gone, oh man ubisoft should do something about these glitches, thanks for the info btw.

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metallica1fan answered:

I think its a glitch, much like when you loose all parachutes replaying a Romulus Lair. It happens to me too. I just leave it.
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