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How come I can't get my horse to gallop like in the other games?

Is that a skill I have to learn, or can only certain types of horses do it? I read in the in-game manual that it's supposed to be possible to make your horse gallop by holding RT and A. But when I do, nothing happens; the horse doesn't go any faster. Can somebody shed some light on this?

SaikaiBushido provided additional details:

No, I realize that different horses travel at different speeds. I'm talking about manually making the horse dash, using RT + A. I discovered that this was possible during certain sequences such as chases, but does it ever become available to do that out in the open, in the countryside?


bobbychez answered:

Different horses have different speeds. Those that "wear" more equipment run slower and therefore their gallop is pretty slow and similar to a walk.
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gamer654321 answered:

I haven't gotten my horse to gallop except in chase scenes either..... You can't get it to gallop because look when you hold down RT it doesn't even give you the option to gallop. I found this extremely stupid because there's so much countryside and each town is sooo far apart.
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vginside1 answered:

Dude its BUG in game and solution is here...Please pass this to all...
"You have exit from single player to multiplayer and then from multiplayer you come back to single player from game itelf and the gallop option comes back but remember the game should not be exited completely to windows" This has worled for me hope this works for you guyz too.... Please create a issue with UBISOFT so they can patch this BUG....

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