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Missing mission icon?!

Alright, I just did the Cristina mission where she dies. Now I have the icon for the storyline mission on my big map but it doesn't show up on the small in-game map, even when checked by the marker. I can check right next to the icon and the marker shows up fine. There's no person standing there or door lit up either, what gives?

Guyll provided additional details:

I believe it was sequence 7 right after the mission where Ezio attends the play of the crucifiction dressed as a roman soldier. Anyways, I finally gave up and went to wondering around and went to the "clubhouse" on tiber island and, viola, the next mission started. I guess the mission marker showing up in a different location was just a glitch.

Accepted Answer

metallica1fan answered:

Ah, well the problem resolved itself...I'm of no use hear... :( ...
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metallica1fan answered:

What Sequence, and what was your last mission?
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