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Can you get new assassins?

I recruited a bunch of assassins but want more females, now I can't get anymore, is there a way to get rid of some and recruit new ones?

JimDandD provided additional details:

Ok yea I sent one on a level 4 mission and he died, freeing up space for another recruit. I've been trying to find the blond chick but she's nowhere to be found.


RJ082 answered:

If you have filled all 12 assassin slots, then the only way to get new assassins is to intentionaly kill of the ones you have.
I have never tried this, not have i lost one of them in combat, but try sending them on exteremely hard missions, when they only have a 1-2% chance of sucess, But im not sure if that kills them or if the missions is just failed.
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biglittleman12 answered:

it's random on what the NPC assassin is. but yea, sending them on failed missions is a way for them to die. another way is do have them in a battle with a lot of guards and they're health depletes--killing them.

i dont see why you want someone with a certain hair color as you'll only see the hair color once since they'll have hoods on from recruitment on.
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