Question from Strbrst

Why do smoke bombs have no effect on Romulous followers?

When replaying a previous memory, I used a smoke bomb but it had no effect on them. Any help?

161366 asked for clarification:

How many times have you tried? I'm guessing this is on the level in the sewers also. If im right, i found it easiest just to sprint past them.

Strbrst provided additional details:

I was actually going back to get full sync on some things and when you first get ambushed by 13 followers, full sync is to not take damage.


bobbychez answered:

My guess is that you may just be running into a glitch. Possibly the fact that you were supposed to access the lair before acquiring the smoke bombs (can't remember when you get them back in this one) and therefore may be causing an issue or something of that nature.

I have not seen this anywhere else where this has occurred or reports of it happening, so I would say try reloading the memory again or just live with it.
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