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How important is it that I do "side quests" in order to beat the game?

I don't know if I can go back and do quests like leonardo's war machines and removing borgia influence after I finish sequence 9.... should I do these quests now?

fivepinkies provided additional details:

And things like finding shrines to romulus and store quests

Accepted Answer

Endomorth answered:

You can do all the sidequests missions/towers/rebuilding rome after you have viewed the ending. You can however miss 2 trophies, if you havent exited the animus to access your email or find one of the 5 artefacts. (as you are unable to exit the animus post game)
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SuperVegito2487 answered:

only thing that can be missed is the 2 things outside the animus, those 2 achievments may help.

This is after all the 360 answer place.
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