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How do I go on missions with my assassins?

I go to a bird coop or building and it says in gray Missions above contracts. How do I unlock plus I've beaten the game (please no BS answers)

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161366 answered:

The missions are if you are in a certain area. Youll see it on your map if the coop has a mission . it will be like a diamond. And you dont go on the mission with your assassins. You can use them, but its not as if they fight at your side the whole time.
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AkridHunter answered:

'Missions' refer to optional story mode sidequests completed in Rome. To access a Mission, go to your Map, then find a symbol marked 'Assassination Contract'. Go to that Bird Coop, then select Missions. This will start the mission. You can replay Missions in the DNA Menu. Contracts, where you send your Assassin Recruits away for a while to get Experience and money, are NOT Missions.
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metallica1fan answered:

Exactly what the two people above said. The MISSIONS part is for optional assassination contracts for Ezio only (exactly like the ones in AC2 Lorenzo gave). Everything else refers to Ezio's assassins.
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