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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you kill 25 guards while on horseback?

I have shot them killed them with my sword do you have to be on a horse also?

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Yes, duh thats why it says 25 kills ON horseback

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i found it was easiest to be sure the game logs your kills, by jumping from one horse onto the horse of a guard and assassinating him. I rode around for a long time killing foot guards from horse back to no avail.

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Actually, this is an error on Ubisofts part for wording - the game means to say 'Kill 25 Horseback Guards'. To get the challenge, simply kill 25 of the mounted Guard archetype, not just anyone who gets on a horse. Also, it does NOT matter how you kill them.

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Just run around the countryside with the crossbow and shoot any guard riding a horse. You don't have to be on a horse and using the hidden blade on foot doesn't count because Ezio pulls the rider off the horse before he kills them

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The answer is in the question. All you have to do is only go to different guards while on a horse and kill them in any way except air assassination because then it wont count.

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Since it's been a while, if you still don't have this achievement, I believe you are trying to complete a DLC achievement, meaning that even though it is on your list, you need to download the Da Vinci Disappearance in order to actually get the achievement.

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