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How Long Is The Single Player Story Mode?

I have completed Assassin's Creed II and I was wondering if in Brotherhood (Which I have just ordered) it was longer or shorter, and worth doing before I enter Multiplayer.


biglittleman12 answered:

It depends on what you want to do in the story mode. are you going for 100% completion? then it might be longer due to getting all recruits to assassin rank, all missions, sides to 100% sync, getting all the subject 16 stuff done, collecting all flags and feathers, all the lairs, and renovating all of rome, i believe that it is longer than assassin's creed 2. It's definitely not as linear as the second or first one.

It doesn't necessarily matter which one you do first--multiplayer or single player. but i personally like the plot of the series and i did single player first. plus, the templars in the single player that you go to kill are your characters in multiplayer which helps with familiarity
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dcc42994 answered:

personally i found the story mode to be great being able to go in an out of the animus to look around monterigioni. and learning more about Ezio's past with his ex Christina. there is just so much more to do in brotherhood than in Assassins creed 2. also being able to use the recruits is a great help in story mode.
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