Question from dlopiy

How do I get past (after the fuse boxes)?

After I got the fuse boxes the power was back I am suppose to start the wilderness of tigers but I don't know where to start it? I went back down to where a few of them were like lucy & the rest but nothing. Is it outside where I start it?

dlopiy provided additional details:

The trouble I was having was after the circuit boxes I didn't know about sitting in the chair thing. I went around talking to all the people lucy & all them & never thought once about sitting in the chair. but im past it now thanks


FFVII_Geek answered:

Well, I believe when you start out in this level you are supposed to locate a doctor because you are badly injured. Then you are supposed to find Michelangelo and then it will prompt you to do something else and so on. Basically just hop back into the animus and away you should go. I hope this helps.
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