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Can Cristina and other side missions be put off till the end of the game?

I want to wait until after i beet the story to do all the side missions like templar hunting, can the cristina missions be put off or will they like disapear or something?


eagles_nfl_1 answered:

You can wait as long as you want to do side missions. I waited until i beat the game to them, and now I have 100% completion.
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hesel answered:

Yep you can wait if you want. I tended to do some every now and again just to keep the amount of money I had at a reasonable amount, meaning I could buy different shops so my overall money every 20 minutes rose.
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werewing answered:

The only things that can't wait til the end are:

Conversations with the team.
Collecting Artifacts.
Exploring Monterriggioni in General.
Possibly Email, I'm not sure.
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pipeline3104 answered:

Yes, you only get the last Cristina mission when you complete the game.
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Phant0m_N3xus answered:

Yeah sure u can finish the story first and deal with the other side missions later
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Xemnas2011 answered:

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