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Xbox And AC3 Dont Make A Good Match Or What? Help Please.

Ahhh....I Have a Problem Similar To What a Lot Of You Have. My Xbox Always Plays every game Fine....Except This One. I Start It And 1 of 3 Things Happens. 1.The Game Starts Plays Then Becomes Unreadable. 2.Replace Unreadable With Freezes. 3.Game Wont start in General. Also Wheneer A Disc is ejected...I Get 1 Red ring In The Bottom Right Corner. And A Screen Saying E 71 And Foreign Language Crap. Help Please? Dont Say Send Them It,I Dont Have The Money. All My Games are Legit And I Have Had This Xbox or 1 to 2 Years. Its A Original XBOX 360. Thanks. I Really Appreciate It.


bobbychez answered:

First off, this is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, not Assassin's Creed 3 (which will likely be out in 2012). If other discs are playing fine and this one is not I would assume it is the disc. I suggest returning it to where you purchased it to get a new disc or contacting the game's manufacturer for assistance.
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