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How can I get my achievements back?

The other day I went over to my xbox to play ACB, but my internet was down and I ended up playing offline. I got a Shrine of Romulus achievement and the achievement for completing sequence 6. The thing is, I forgot that I had recovered my profile the day before onto my friend's xbox, so naturally when I recovered my profile back today I didn't have the achievements. I thought "No big deal," and replayed the memories, but it didn't give me the achievements. Has anyone else had this happen to them before? If there's no way to get them back, it's not the end of the world, but I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

dudefish64e provided additional details:

Recovering my profile again won't work, I got the achievements offline when my profile was on a different xbox


Spike565 answered:

Try deleting the profile on your xbox then recover it again. Or just recover it again
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