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Crepi Il Lupo (Sequence 2, Memory 6)?

For full synch, i can't lose any health. How do i do this when i'm getting hit as soon as the cutscene-gameplay transition ends?


overcracker answered:

#1: Don't skip the cut scene, as it leaves you in a bad position if you do

#2. As son as you can control Ezio just stand, and don't attack. Counter everybody, and don't try to go into Kill streaks they'll just break them and hurt you.

Basically counter one -> kill him, and then again stand back and wait for the next one. They'll only ever attack you one at a time if you don't actively attack.

It took me several tries to get that right, but the key is to not attack them, and simply counter kill them as they attack you.

Watch their health icons above their heads. flashing health icons mean that particular follower is about to attack, so watch out and counter.
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hwk1901 answered:

The way i did this one was to run straight past the first Follower, through the Arch and sprinted to the right til I was told I was leaving the Memory area,

Then I turned around and used the Throwing Knife Special (hold X and left analog towards the followers) a few times and Counter-killed the rest
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UseNAbuse answered:

I would agree that standing and countering is the best way to go. I tried multiple times with the hidden dagger to no avail, but got it with the sword on the first try.
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