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Everything stopped happening, in sequence 4. Any ideas why or how to fix?

Game was going fine up till I met Leonardo, after that nothing's been happening. I've read that the east part of the map isn't supposed to open yet, ok, but there's an exclamation mark in there like I should go there? That doesn't seem right, but it's been there for a while. I've been expecting it to either open the map or give me something else to do... I've been recruiting assassins and sending them off doing stuff, but that's it. No markers for Leonardo's machines or whatnot have appeared, and walkthroughs say they should. So, anyone have any ideas? All I can think of is starting over, it seems like pretty much the only thing I can do. There's not much else, the game apparently isn't letting me continue. I tried turning the game off, turning the console off, and running around doing everything the game lets me do, which is loads of stuff except progress. Frustrating...


Undying_Warlock answered:

It's probably not a glitch, but i can't remember if that's supposed to happen. you'll probably have to start a new save, sorry.
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