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Indistinct Female Voice-has ny1 else heard it?

Ive recently noticed something strange on the mission for Senator Egidio Troche(guy who owes "banker" money). i was making my way too his location via roof toop, i noticed that there was a bell ringing out the time,as i listend i heard a indistinct female voice like a whisper..thinking im hearing things i reloaded the mission and went too same spot..heard same voice it fades after a few mins is that a hint at something subject 16 related or other?? pls help i know im not just hearing things cuz i asked a buddy if he heard it too and he agreed im not nuts cuz he heard the voice as well...has anyone heard it too or have info?

LeonidasCDLXXX asked for clarification:

If you are talking about the creepy voice that sounds like a snake yea i heard it too, have you been able to hear it any where else, i tried but heard nothing any were else, i wonder what makes that mission different form all the others to try and hide those sounds in it


bones1592 answered:

I have also heard it and i dont know what it means but i would turn on eagle vision and try and see if there is anything interesting around.
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