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Asked: 4 years ago


Is there a way to have the Harlequin without pre-ordering the game?

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From: Aukonn 4 years ago

Currently, no. There is no way to obtain the Harlequin without a pre-order, however it is highly likely that at some point they'll release it as DLC for the game.

As for the Outfit that is available on the Marketplace, that is for your avatar, not for the game.

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Probably not cause its a pre order speical.

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Kidding -_-
As far as i have heard, the Harlequin outfit is only for preodring the game but i am they will do the same thing for ACII with the templer rooms and will just make a add-on for it.

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Its for down load with MS Points...I think there is like 5 or 6 outfits for down load. There were some where between 600 and 800 points a outfit. Diddnt check em out yet. I will later.

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All of the pre order outfits are already available for DLC. You just need to use a bit of microsoft points to get them all.

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The harlequin outfit is a preorder dlc, there is also a female harlequin that you can get from uplay.

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The only way to get the harlequin multiplayer character is as a preorder bonus and the harlequin costume on the xbox marketplace is just an avatar costume.

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No but you can get the hellequin through u play.

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