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Asked: 4 years ago

Since this is a continuation will you keep your stats/items or start fresh?

I have ac2 on 360 but i want to get brotherhood on ps3 for the dlc

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There has been a gameplay video and the templers attack and al you grab is your gauntlent (OR Hidden blade) and you are still in your PJ'S so i guess you don't get all your weapons

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I just started my game up, and the outfit and amount of money i had from AC2 is on my character in AC:B

Hope that helps.

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No. You do not keep *your* items. You keep Ezio's items. Confusing, right? My friend and I both started out with the exact same equipment and money despite him losing his entire file due to a hard drive crash.

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No, and you don't get the hanging jump until later in the game, and get this: YOU HAVE TO BUY A GLOVE IN ORDER OT GET THE ABILITY DESPITE THE FACT THAT IS WAS *TAUGHT* TO YOU BY ROSA IN AC2. *rolls eyes*

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You get to keep the following:

Single Hidden Blade
Poison Blade
Pistol x6
Common Sword
Throwing Knives x5
Medicine x5
Money Bag

You retrieve the other weapons later on, but with the Crossbow and the ability to replace your current sword with an enemy's as well as equipping broadswords and axes you might not need them.

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