Question from Tertle12

Asked: 4 years ago

Free roam?

Is this game going to have free roam?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Ok thanks my friend told me there was none.

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From: MaggotOli 4 years ago

More like free ROME :D

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lets see...the first two games had free roam, the PSP game had free roam, and i'm certain the two DS games had free roam, it'd only make sense for this to have free roam also right?

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Of course its gonna be free roam they would be stupid not to do so.

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You'll get free roam but it's going to take about an hour of game play first. There isn't too much freedom until after you get to Rome. And I'm not sure, but was that scene where Ezio is riding through the villa on rails?

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