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Asked: 4 years ago

Memory point unavailable?

Hey, i am trying to play this game and for some reason i got last DNA synch is at sequence7, key to the Castello.

I passed the mission and on the map appears the sign of memory start point in the antico district. if i go there, nothing happens, i can't even pinch it on the map. I tried restarting my PS, i went for some other small missions with the hope that the lack of the sign was bad synch (although it doesn't make sense) but nothing happens! can anyone help me?

Thanx in advance!

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I think I had the same problem. For whatever reason, you need to destroy all of Leonardo's war machines and get the parachute.

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Is this the one with the assassins? If so get some. Also try buying all of leo's inventions. I did. I also finished destroying his machine gun and naval cannon. Do this all and try again if not yet then sorry I have no idea. Hope this helps you.

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I haven't got to that part yet (almost through) but like with some past memory points you need to climb. Are there any buildings nearby? If so, try climbing them to see what it does then

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