Question from odstrooper2

Asked: 4 years ago

2 Questions?

1.How do you check other peoples emails?2.How do activate cheats that you unlocked?

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From: ReaperBE 4 years ago

To answer your 2nd question, here's a quote from ubi support

1. Cheat are only available during REPLAY MODE
2. Activate a visited memory within the DNA
a. This memory needs to be within a completely synchronized (100%) sequence.

3. Press START to access the PAUSE MENU
4. Go to Options
5. Select CHEATS
6. Choose the cheat you want to enable for this memory

NOTE: Savegames are disabled during replay mode with a cheat enabled

NOTE: Replaying a memory will bring you back to the DNA bar after the memory is completed.

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1. At some point you'll get an email saying something like "To keep you in the loop" and it will have 3 passwords listed. once you've read the email you can go into the other email accounts and it'll enter the password automatically for you.

I don't know if this was just my game or if it happened to others but when that email get's put in the deleted folder i couldn't access the other emails. If this happens to you just go into the deleted folder and read the email again (At least thats how i fixed it).

2. If the cheats are the capes go into inventory in the start menu and go to outfits. if they aren't then i don't know what to tell you

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