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Asked: 4 years ago

Uplay Points?

Ok so...People have probably asked alot about them, but I have nooo clue. How do I get Uplay Points? I just got this Game today so I really have no clue.

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From: animalxer42 4 years ago

You get Uplay points by accomplishing certain tasks in the game. In order to use these points, you have to sign up for Uplay either online or through your Xbox 360 and sync it to your profile. Then, access the game and get your points!

Tip: if you have already performed the tasks for Uplay points before you sign up for it, don't worry! It will add them to your total once you load the game.

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Once you sign up for a UPlay account and link it with the game, you just need to play through the game. much like achievements, you will earn UPlay points for doing certain things within the game.

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