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Stunning in multiplayer!!?

Can someone explain to me, being very specific, how stunning works, how you counter it, when it does and does not work because im starting to think its all luck, thanks

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Also when are the factors that contribute to someone countering a stun

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1st and foremost, don't suck. It helps. Stunning seems to be about quick draw. And it only seems to appear when the pursuer is in front of you. When you see the button, hit it. Otherwise you're late anyways.

And Ubisoft said something about it not being incredibly reliable on purpose, so that skill gets used before this last-ditch attempt.

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The easiest way to go about stunning someone is surprising them BEFORE you attempt to stun them. Some good ways to do this are using a smoke bomb or firecrackers on them. It can also be done if you're pursuer assassinates a decoy or morphed version of you. Once you're pursuer has been suprised, you should see a red B button appear above their head prompting you to stun them. You can attempt to stun them before the surprise but in almost every case they'll kill you before you can make your move.

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I should also add that if you're playing on teams and you see one of your teammates get killed by someone, you can run up to them and stun them as well.

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