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Asked: 3 years ago

Does Lanz ever show up?

the Templar mission "Down to Earth" about the thief that started killing people by throwing them off roofs after his baby died is frustrating as hell. Lanz never shows up in the yellow target area, on top of buildings or on the ground. I walked around the whole area for almost half an hour with eagle vision on and couldn't find him.
Is this just a glitch with my copy of the game, are other people having the same issue, or am I not doing something right (i.e. is it one of those missions where the developers decided to make it 'difficult' by adding unknown or absurd requirements to complete)

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Huh. I searched top to bottom every building and corner in the target zone, but no, I never replayed the memory from the DNA menu. I'll try that, thanks.

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Nope, still can't find him, day or night. Can't replay the memory, b/c to replay it you have to beat it. Trying to restart memory, but it hasn't helped so far. Thinking I'm either looking in the wrong place or i've hit a glitch of some kind.

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There are only about 4-6 rooftops in the green area, I've checked all of them and he's nowhere to be found. I thought he'd be at the one with the dead guy near the haystack (looks like he was pushed off the roof), but he wasn't.

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From: dogknight6 3 years ago

He was flying in mid air and he couldn't move so i just shot him with my Hidden gun (installed the game to my xbox as soon as i did that mission)

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I just played that part and had no problem finding Lanz. He was on top of a broken down building, sitting perched inside the "green" area. Not sure why you can't find him... Did you try to replay the memory from the DNA strand?

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No trouble here. He's standing on a rooftop. Eagle vision the hell out of it haha

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If you can't find him use your eagle vision that's how i found him.

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Hey i had the same problem trying to find that guy.. i looked for atleast 30 mins with eagle vision and with wat you guys said in here.. he must get glitched into a building or something.. but i found that aborting the missing and reaccepting it made him show up so try that

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Ok i think i can help
it is possible your game is glitched but where he might be is the top corner of the farthest house on the left side close to the edge of the yellow area...i found him on a corner with my eagle vision and tried to normally assassinate him from the ledge (lol didnt work and he ran but simple to catch when he climbs a ladder lol)
i honestly hope this helps you a bit cuz this mission is easy and fun to do

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I got same issue in my AC..
Can't find Lanz everywhere.. (In the greenzone)

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Hey! I restart the memory and at last I can find him

(He sitting in the top of building)
This is must be glitch

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Found him it was easy

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