Question from LilSaintv3

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the strongest knife and how can I get it?

I just bought all knives in the store that they sell, but it still doesnt seem like all of them. Like when you go underground to the Romulus Lair and you fight the wolfmen they have a knife I dont have and I remembered that knife on AC2.

Accepted Answer

From: rincewind1990 4 years ago

There are certain weapons you can only get by doing the guild challenges. the cheats sections of this site has a list of them but here it is just to make thing easier:

Bartolomeos Axe - Get each Guild to Level 3
La Volpes Bite(Knife i think) - Get each Guild to Level 3
Marias Dagger(Knife) - Get each Guild to Level 3
Sword of Altair - Complete all Assassins Guild Challenges.

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The dagger of Brutus is you get it when you go to all the lairs.

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