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Asked: 4 years ago

Lair of Romulus?

There is a Lair of Romulus I can't get into. It's located below three beams that lie above water, and if you try to climb down, the wall offers no more ledges to assist you in your descent. Could someone please tell me hoe to get to the Lair of Romulus?

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From: Plasma2244 4 years ago

I found a different way into it, there was a ledge right next to the hole on one side of the wall I dropped down off the top facing the opposite direction of the lair on the right side and grabed onto a brick and either shimmyed my way into the area and did some wall jumps, or jumped across the gap to the other side then shimmyed my way into the gap and then jumped off the walls. It took me a while but I eventually got in and I didnt raise the water level, but that is all a little bit confusing and if you dont want the trouble and got the money I would just do the water thing. Hope this helps.

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This bothered me for sometime too as there is a treasure located in that room too. When you can, purchase and rebuild the items int eh surrounding area. You should be able to figure out specifically what to rebuild by checking the area around the lair.

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bobbychez is right, but you need to repair all of the aquaduct so the water rises. Once done you just swim into it pretty much. Thats all. Took me a while to find out...

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