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Asked: 3 years ago

What actually is the teasure of Romulus?

Has anyone found out what the treasure of Romulus is; money, armour, weapons, items, etc.?

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From: Xertrikeoth 3 years ago

Its basically the same thing that you get in ac2 for completing all of the assassin's tombs. You get some BA armor and a BA dagger. So completing all of the Romulus quests is worth it.

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Armor and a weapon.

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The treasure of romulus is the armour of brutus and the dagger of brutus i just got it myself it doesn't take very long to get but is worth the little bit of trouble to get it

I still have no clue who this bruts guy is tho so

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I am still working on the getting the armor. But for the slight question as to Brutus, he is the man who betrayed and assisted in the mass stabbing of Julius Ceasar.

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Well thank you for answering one of my questions.

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The treasure is the Armor and Dagger of Brutus.
The dagger has all stats maxed out and the armor has its own character skin, maxed out stats, and is unbreakable.

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