Question from Ulvirfaust

Asked: 4 years ago

What's the use of VIGILANTES??

I can't seem to figure this one out. What's the point of the vigilantes? I seem to remember them having some use in AC2, but I may be wrong.. They're always marked on the in-game HUD but I can't interact with them in any way. Do they come into play later, or am I just missing something here?

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From: Rx3whiteice 4 years ago

If you get into a fight with guards and vigilantes are near by they'll grab the guards and just distract them until you either run away or kill the guards

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You can use the mercenaries, thieves, and courtesans to attack and distract groups of guard or as a blending option, but I have not heard of vigilantes. However, there are groups of folks around Rome who you may be referring to that will assist you when in a fight. They will stop guards from chasing or attacking you by grabbing onto them. You do not enable this as it is automatically built into the game.

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Vigilantes will provoke and harass guards that you or your followers start a fight with.

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Basically people that make fun of guards, if guards get near, they'll distract them, if your fighting, they'll help by punching, grabbing and hijacking guards.

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