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Asked: 4 years ago

Does anybody know how to group/ungroup Assassin recruits?

Okay I don't know exactly what I did or how I did it but when I go to give the recruits some contracts. The grouping is different,when you first get them they are in sets of two. Well right now for me its 1 recruit for the first signal. 3 recruits for the second signal. If anybody knows how to put the ordering back to the sets of two.

Accepted Answer

From: bobbychez 4 years ago

The grouping depends on how may recruits you have and signifies how many you must have available to use them in-game. So when you first get them you need 2 to get one "call" but later on, as you get more recruits and they level up, it changes so you only need 1 recruit before you can call for assistance from them.

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Well when you have them all unlocked you can only take 6 out with you, the first one is one because you can call 1 out, the secound bar is a extra 3 so when you call one bar you get 2 and the other bar is either 1 person or 2 depending onhow many dudes you get, and the last is 1 is the same just go backwards, thats how it works.

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