Question from gorgon456781

Asked: 4 years ago

Multiplayer problems?

Okay so when I click on multiplayer it says you dont have certain things to play on it, when like yesterday I was playing on it. But does it require to have a Gold Membership? Becuz I didn't have one but I still played on multiplayer. Now its just screwing up and not letting me play on multiplayer

Additional details - 4 years ago

No clue, but I know it wasn't that new xbox thing, I've had it for awhile and I dont think it was one random night because I played on it for like three days then it didnt work

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No Gold = No XBOX Live = No online play. You may have stumbled on a random free night which I've seen rarely or you were using a new profile on your xbox. Each new Xbox comes with three first-month free accounts.

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