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Asked: 4 years ago

stuck on Sequence3 can someone please help?

I'm currently stuck on sequence3 and don't know what my mission is. I have not completed the shop quest but I have purchased all shops to renevate Rome. I have completed all the Borgia towers and view points in Rome that i'm able to get too. Currently on my map there are no tasks i'm able to go do. I also have not recruited for assasins yet..... Can someone please help?

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What was the last mission you completed?

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Press the select/back button... press X/square... turn everthing ON... go to the exlaimation points...the same thing happend to me back in the 90's(Jeez... I'm getting old)

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If this is the mission I think it is you must recruit some assassins first I think before you return to machieveli or whoever otherwise I dont know.

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