Question from renansstos

Asked: 4 years ago

After I Ignite a borgia tower with a viewpoint, can I use the viewpoint later?

I forgot to use the viewpoint before igniting one of the towers and now i'm afraid I'll not be able to get all viewpoints....

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From: zackbrostrom 4 years ago

Most of the time when you ignite the tower it shold give you the view point as well

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Yeah, after you ignite the tower (if you're far enough through the main quest) they change to towers you can use.

You can still climb them and synchronise with the viewpoints.

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Yes when you ignite the towers the only thing that changes about them is the wood top and the borgia flags are removed, making them open view or something like that but the view points themselves stay the same.

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Except for the first Borgia tower that you ignite the one right after you talk with Machievielli) you don't need to synch with the viewpoint before you ignite the tower. Ezio automatically goes over to the viewpoint to jump off the tower before it explodes.

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