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Asked: 4 years ago

Numbers 1419, 1420, 1421?

At the end of the game when they see the numbers on the wall, how did they get to the number 72? I was not paying attention. Can anyone give me a quick run down of why these numbers are important and how the hell they're related? Thank you in advance.

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From: Laughing_Jack_1 4 years ago

I believe it referred to chapter 14 verses 19-21 of Exodus. I am probably mistake on the book. In those 3 verses are supposed to be 72 names for God and the triangle also has to do with the symbolism of 72. Also, Desmond and Lucy begin drawing certain conclusions about the #72, especially pertaining to dates at the Coliseum, which I for sure misspelled.

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I believe that they are names of god on those certain pages if i remember. and all in all, there are 72 names of god. then the guy went on to say something about the hebrew letters in the alphabet moved around to make that triangle symbol. some stuff like that.

there might be more.

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