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Asked: 4 years ago

Using certain assassins?

I'm often frustrated by AC: Brotherhood because it seems to deploy your most experienced assassins (and only your six most experienced) when you call for recruits. Isn't there a way you can prioritize how you want them to show up?

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From: animalxer42 4 years ago

If you want to send out your less experienced assassins in combat, I would suggest sending your more experienced assassins out on contracts so that your rookies are the only assassins available to be called upon.

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i dont think so. i wondered the same thing. i think theres nothing you can do about it, sorry. the signal always automattically send your most experienced assassins. the only way you can send crappy assassins is if you have lets say 5 assassins, one level 8 and the rest levels 2 and 3. When you signal, one will be better than the rest. That;s all i can say.

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