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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i defeat the Guy for the last key?

When the guy gets the last key.

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From: metallica1fan 3 years ago

Pull out your sword+gun (if you have no two-armed weapon installed). Stay back, wait for him to strike. Dodge his strike, hold the X button, and shoot him. Fast, simple, deadly.

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Kick him and throw him off the balcony.

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Can you be more specific??

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Just kick -> hit -> hit -> kick etc. Just keep hitting him until he blocks again, then kick him once again.

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You can either use weapons to kill him or throw him off the platform you are on. Either way you will get the key.

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Its not that hard, just grab him and if you can't then hit him a couple times and grab him and throw him over the ledge and a small game cutscene and you will grab him before he falls and he says "thank you for saving my life" and you get the code sheet while he hangs there and then you let go and he falls and you say Requiescat in pace and you go to the treasure of romulus

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If you have the two handed wepon just throw it at him and he's dead

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