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Asked: 4 years ago

Shrunken heads?

I've already found the one in the chest on the cliff side by the thieves guild, but not the one in The Sixth Day. I accidentally sold the one I had early in the game without knowing I needed it. Is there no other way to get another shrunken head after the Romulus one?

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What mission is that?

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I need the same answer, I only have 1, but I may have missed the one on The Sixth Day. Loot bandits, they usually have treasures, replay the mission where you try to save that lady from the bandits.

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Unfortunately theres only 2 Shrunken Heads in the game, there not dropped by bandits if you've sold it there's no way to get it back which means you wont be able to get the required number to complete the shop quest for the armour

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i found a shrunken head in a random treasure chest in between the assassins lair and the theives lair on the SE part of the map. im sure there is more

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